Accommodation whilst studying English

Family homestay in houses and apartments or rented accommodation whilst you study English with us

Homestay accommodation is available for students wishing to live with a local family or single person in their home. It is suitable if you want a more supportive environment or to improve your English language skills. It is usual for students who are under 18 at the start of their course to stay in Homestay. There are two types of Homestay accommodation – half board or self-catering. You will live in English speaking home, sharing with your host and sometimes with other students. It is an opportunity to experience home life in England and importantly, to practise your English language skills. You will be expected to live as ‘part of the family’, sharing meal times and taking part in home-life. Most family homes in England are modest in size with an average of 3 bedrooms. You will be provided with:

• A private bedroom with a bed, study desk and clothes storage space
• You will have access to the house bathroom, or rarely may have your own private bathroom

There is normally one bathroom in the house, used by all those living there and you should use the bathroom at reasonable times of day and leave it in a clean condition afterwards. Many Homestays have many years’ experience of welcoming students into their homes. When you arrive, normally your Homestay will discuss any house rules and this helps to avoid misunderstandings. Some typical rules may be about not smoking in the house or what time you need to be home at night. There may be other students living with the Homestay, but the Colleges tries to not put students of the same nationality or language together. In the evening you can either spend time with the family (maybe watching television, eating or talking), or you can meet friends or study in your room. Laundry (but not always ironing) is normally included. If you choose Half Board, your Homestay will provide breakfast and dinner Monday to Friday and all meals at weekends. You will need to provide your own lunch and snacks. If you choose Self Catering, you would need to provide and cook your own food, and you would have access to your Homestay’s kitchen and utensils to prepare your food. Some Homestay's are able to cater for specific dietary requirements, but most will provide a traditional British menu of dishes. For example, a typical breakfast might be cereal and milk, a cup of tea and toast with jam. A typical dinner might be grilled lamb chops and vegetables, or chicken curry with rice. If you have special dietary requirements, please indicate this on your Booking Form and we will try to accommodate your needs. All Homestay accommodation is within 30 minutes’ walk or travel by public transport. Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding areas have good public transport links, and most students walk or get the bus with a bus pass. Buses are inexpensive, and you can purchase a student bus pass that costs around £54 per month.

If you would like to rent a flat or self-catering apartment, this is possible on pre-arranged details with our English language school in Royal Tunbridge Wells.